Dagger Crossover Kayaks

A fine range of crossover kayaks that offer the paddler one boat that does it all. Ride the rapids, surf the waves as well as tour the river. Dagger Crossover Kayaks will work well in and around Hong Kong and other Asian coastlines due to their size and agility. The benefits of using a crossover kayak is that whilst they may be slightly sluggish in flatwater lakes they come into there own in the rougher coastal waters and surf.

Dagger Roam 9.5

Dagger Roam

Whether you’re a beginner looking to add paddling to your quiver of outdoor activities, you’re an expert paddler out for a quick run on your local class 3 river, or you need a platform from which to reach the best climbing, hiking, or fishing in the area, the Roam sit-on-top kayak provides quick and easy access to gear and more freedom.

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Dagger Axis 10.5 E - Recreation Kayak

Dagger Axis E 10.5

Sleek, fast and efficient. The Dagger Axis 10.5 Elite, with unprecedented versatility for a variety of conditions. From coastal exploration, through lake cruising, to the challenge of a running river, there is no match.

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Dagger Katana E 9.7 - lime

Dagger Katana 9.7 & 10.4

The Dagger Katana, is a crossover kayak which is available in two sizes. The Katana 9.7 and also the Katana 10.4. This offers paddlers one boat that does it all, rides rapids, surf the waves as well as tour rivers.

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Dagger Crossover Kayaks – Further information

For more information please go to the official website: www.dagger.com – Please note that Dagger Europe may not supply all the models listed, please enquire with us for further information.

Accessories are available from Palm Equipment, www.palmequipmenteurope.com.