Hartley Boats

Hartley BoatsHartley Boats believe that choosing the right boat for the purpose of use is vitally important to ensure maximum enjoyment. They build boats for many purposes and for a great variety of truly unique people who will all use their boats in different ways. When choosing your boat it is important to consider carefully how, where and by whom it will be used.

Hartley manufacture a wide range of boats and dinghies from the ever popular Optimist, Wanderer and Wayfarer to the Rebel skiffs and small boats.

Sky International have been supplying Hartley Boats to Hong Kong for a number of years and are experienced in helping customers find the right boat or dinghy to suit their needs.

Check out the full Hartley Boats Range:

Hartley Boats - H10
Hartley 10 (H10)

The Hartley 10 is a very easy to manage entry level dinghy. This attractive little dinghy is particularly suited to those in the early stages of learning to sail or those who just want a simple boat for getting out and about on the water.

Hartley Boats - H12
Hartley 12 (H12)

Hartley 12.2 (H12.2)

Byte CII

Byte Trainer







Rebel Skiff

For more information please go to the Hartley Boats website: www.hartleyboats.com