Hartley Boats

Hartley BoatsHartley Boats believe that choosing the right boat for the purpose of use is vitally important to ensure maximum enjoyment. Therefore they build boats for many purposes and for a great variety of truly unique people who will all use their boats in different ways.

Hartley manufacture a wide range of boats and dinghies from the ever popular Wanderer and Wayfarer to the Hartley 10, 12 and also the H15.

Sky International have been supplying Hartley Boats to Hong Kong for over a decade. We are experienced in helping customers find the right boat or dinghy to suit their needs.

Check out the full Hartley Boats Range:

Hartley 10 (H10)
Hartley 10 (H10)

The Hartley 10 is a very easy to manage entry-level dinghy. This attractive little dinghy suits those in the early stages of learning to sail. Also suited to those who just want a simple boat for getting out and about on the water.

Hartley 12 (H12)
Hartley 12 (H12)

Sailing simplicity! This no fuss design with single reef-able sail, combined with a high boom, deep roomy cockpit, retractable centreboard & rudder make this attractive yet robust rotomould dinghy the latest greatest addition to any resort, club and also individual sailor. Comfort & confidence combined, it is suitable for adult & larger youth use. Intended for entry & intermediate level sailors the H12 is a darling of sailing schools & resorts for very good reason!

Hartley 12.2 (H12.2)
Hartley 12.2 (H12.2)

Bring on the challenge – all the benefits of the Hartley 12 with the addition of more sails and more fun! Moreover, this most versatile 12′ dinghy can be sailed with 2 or 3 sails rigged with a symmetric or asymmetric spinnaker. Ideal for training centres as sail configurations can be changed to suit at any time.

Hartley 15 (H15)
Hartley 15 (H15)

The H15 is the latest of the Hartley boats exciting new range of rotomould sailing dinghies. Just like its stable mates the H15 is a very easy to manage and delightfully responsive dinghy that is particularly suited to those in the early stages of sailing. The Hartley 15 is easily rigged and sailed with a 2 or 3 sail plan. It can be sailed single-handed or with up to 5 people on board which makes it ideal for the family or also for training.

Hartley Wayfarer

The Wayfarer has been top of the class for over 50 years, the new GRP mark IV has revitalised this classic making it once again the flagship cruiser, trainer & racer in hundreds of training centres, resorts and racing clubs nationally & internationally. Vibrant class association promoting regular well attended cruising & racing events at home & abroad.

Hartley Wanderer

Like the larger Wayfarer the GRP Mark IV Wanderer is an all-rounder well suited to all kinds of sailing by all kinds of sailor. Can be easily sailed single-handed or with 2 to 4 on board. 2 sails or with spinnaker the cruising versions can have furling jibs, reefing mains, oars & engines. active class association to support events throughout the

Hartley ByteCII
Byte CII

High performance one design 3.60m single hander, suited to mid-weight sailors. Light weight hull 45.5kg with fully battened Mylar 2mm laminate sail. Self de-powering two-part carbon/glass rig. foam sandwich GRP construction. Active national class association, ISAF international class.

Hartley Kestrel

4.75m of excitement on inland waters or sea! Whether sailed with two sails or with spinnaker, the Kestrel is challenging and lots of fun. Suitable for intermediate and experienced sailors. Strong class association with a vibrant race circuit.

Hartley Supernova

4.3m in length & weighing just 50kg a sleek beauty, powered by a massive 8.0m sq. fully battened sail! Open back hull, centre mainsheet, continuous control lines the spacious cockpit is free of clutter, always dry & easy to move about in. A rapidly growing class that enjoys a busy & vibrant national inland & open sea race circuit

Hartley Osprey

Originally as a 1950s Olympic contender the Osprey has stood the test of time. The latest Mk IV design has a whopping 31m Sq. of sail to really get this boat moving, so whether you prefer hanging out on the trapeze or twiddling the stick this is one heck of a ride, full of challenge, exhilaration and adrenalin packed fun!

Hartley Gull

Small but mighty. The new Gull encompasses many of the time-honoured features of the Wayfarer & Wanderer, only in a more compact form that lends itself well to local area or single-handed sailors who want all of those benefits but in a smaller more manageable package. A real delight to sail, the Gull brings endless hours of enjoyment to all who sail her.

For more information please go to the Hartley Boats website: www.hartleyboats.com