Splicing and Whipping

Splicing, Whipping and Rope Finishing

Shackle Plus Splice

As with most things in sailing, if you get it done right and properly in the beginning it saves a lot of time and money in the long run. This is no different with ropes and cords. As optional extras to high quality ropes, Sky International can offer various rope finishing services such as whipping and splicing. This comes in mighty handy for Tack Lines, Mainsheets and all other specific rope needs.

Splicing with Thimble and WhippingSplicing

Depending on what use the rope is for there may be a need for a permanent loop at one or both ends. Sky sell ropes that are ideal for splicing and can splice the rope with or without thimbles and around shackles and other hardware if needed. A new snapshackle or even your old ones can be used. With diligence and patience the ropes can be spliced well and finished with whipping for that bit of extra strength and security.


One thing that can ruin a good rope is when it is frayed at the end and it begins to unwrap into a frizzy mane of fibres! With a simple bit of whipping this can be delayed for a long time as well as making the sheets and lines a little bit easier to identify. Sky sell plenty of types of whipping twine if you would prefer to do this job yourself.

Other options are also available such as adding chafe guard to halyards, making certain parts of a rope length thicker for even more grip in the clutch, cleat or jammer.

For more information on our rope finishing please Contact Us. Sky International also supplies brand new rope, shackles, whipping twine and much more. We are the dealers for Tylaska and English Braids amongst others.