Sail Repair

Maintenance and Sail Repair

Sail Repair

As a representative of Neil Pryde Sails in Hong Kong, Sky can handle any sail repair issues that may be needed with their sails by working with the loft that made them. For smaller tears and rips Sky has a wide range of PSP repair tapes and patches as well as repair kits. If the repair seems too much or is not worth it Sky can work with you to find the best new sails.

Sail Repairs

Sky International are the Hong Kong dealer for Neil Pryde Sails and can handle any repairs needed to be made on their sails. Whilst Sky International don’t repair the sails themselves they are able to offer advice and guidance and arrange for professionals to undertake the task. Also, if repairs can’t be done, we can supply new ones.

Sail Repair Tapes

If we are talking about a small hole or tear then more often than not a good quality sail repair tape can do the job. Sky International supply a full range of repair tapes and patches for Mylar, Dacron and spinnaker/kite materials. These tapes can be a lot of use when carried on-board too for in/mid race repairs. There does however come a time when tapes need to be turned into professional repairs.

Sail Repair Kits

If you have the know how and would prefer to fix the sails yourself then Sky can provide all the necessary tools and equipment. Sailmakers needles, high quality threads, right and left handed palms as well as repair kits themselves and many other items can be bought and used.

Sail Cloth

Sky International are the Hong Kong distributor for Bainbridge International and can supply all of their sailcloth, batten and marine catalogues. These are usually trade only so please contact us for further details and pricing.