RS21 Keelboat

A highly successful dinghy class, the 2000 (formerly the Laser 2000) has active sailing club racing fleets and similarly a full open circuit series. In addition, there are championships supported by an enthusiastic Class Association. With many features found in modern performance racing classes, such as a gennaker and a self draining cockpit, the 2000 combines exciting sailing and with easy handling that inspires confidence. The 2000 sailboat is also well established as a great training boat within many leading organisations including the British Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force sailing programmes. The perfect transition from training into more advanced techniques and likewise racing.

RS Sailing became the licensed manufacturer in 2013 adding many detailed improvements to the 2000, for example new moulds and tooling to help set the stage for a new era of Class growth. In conclusion, the best got better.

See product description below for full details.

The LDC 2000 is available in a couple of setup options, please go to the official site to see the full range of options. We are here to help too, feel free to get in touch and we can help with pricing and details, please call +852 2827 5876 or use our contact page.


RS21 – Progressive keelboat solution for club programs and also sailor teams

RS21 KeelboatThe RS21 responds to the need for a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs that increasingly see the opportunity for fleet ownership, league competition and also training. On the other hand individuals can team up and do it together. The RS21 is specifically designed for fleet purchase, with attributes that will appeal to individual buyers as well. Moreover, it puts close racing over ultimate performance. It maximizes low maintenance, value and also pure sailing enjoyment. This is the boat to bring wider availability and above all, popularity back to keelboat racing. Realistic costs allow appealing club charter fees or on the other hand, affordable investment by syndicates of sailing friends. In short the RS21 is a safe purchase and assured of success.

RS21 Features

Overarching Design Goals
  • Progressive design for simple and affordable club & also syndicate ownership
  • Balanced, quick and further, enjoyable sailing as a team
  • Evenly matched, close racing prioritized over ultimate performance
  • Robust and simple to maintain – efficient fleet operation
  • Sustainable aspects designed and built in
  • Eco-friendly construction using bio derived resins and also recycled core materials
  • Maximum waterline length
  • Balanced rocker line for good performance across the wind range, subsequently at the expense of maximum speed at one end or the other
  • Pronounced chines add form stability as the boat heels and also sheds water for a drier ride
  • Lifting bulb keel – encapsulated in GRP skins
  • Removable internal keel crane
  • Composite transom hung rudder, also removable
  • Large open cockpit with comfortable space for four crew and more
  • Open transom for rapid draining
  • Layout and systems allow handling by two crew if required
  • Minimal obstructions reduce bruises
  • Large central hatch for stowage of sails etc within the boat, therefore adding operating efficiency
  • Centre mainsheet can be trimmed by helm or crew
  • Kick bars give ergonomic and secure positions for all crew
  • No-hiking rule aids racing enjoyment, communication and also widens strategic input
  • Deck designed to allow one hull to stack on another – for efficient event transport and improved sustainability aspects
  • Carbon composite mast reduces weight aloft and also improves handling
  • Light weight and pivoting heel make the mast easy to raise by hand
  • Durable aluminium alloy boom
  • Carbon composite bowsprit
  • Quick to rig – 20 minutes from trailer to launch ready
  • Durable construction Club sails & also larger Race sails options
  • Mainsail with single slab reef system in club spec
  • Trouble free hanked-on jib
Sail Handling Systems
  • Large cockpit with comfortable space for 4 crew and more
  • Simple layout with clearly understandable controls
  • Large gennaker bag for efficient hoists / drops
Electric Propulsion System (optional)
  • Torqeedo motor system integrated into hull & deck design
  • Sits almost invisibly behind the keel / under the mainsheet system
  • Prop leg can be raised while sailing – bottom fairing plate closes the hull recess
  • Central speed control unit & removable / rechargeable battery pack
Electronics / Innovative Community
  • Built-in data logger – capable of sending info to a remote online site
  • Allows communication between owners, crew and also other participants
  • Share anonymized data – compare performance – learn – improve
  • Speed / depth functions – display mobile devices



Length 6.34m (20’11”)
Beam 2.20m (7’3″)
Draught 1.38m (4’6″)
Displacement 650kg (1433lbs)
Hull construction Eco-friendly composite
Keel Lifting – with bulb
Rudder Removable – composite
Mainsail area – Race 16.2m² (175ft²)
Jib area – Race 8.4m² (90.4ft²)
Gennaker area – Race 40m² (430.5ft²)
Mainsail area – Club 16.2m² (175ft²)
Jib area – Club 8.4m² (90.4ft²)
Gennaker area – Club 35m² (377ft²)
Spinnaker area – Club 30m² (322.9ft²)
Mast Carbon composite
Shrouds & forestay Stainless steel wire
Halyards – Main, jib, gennaker Dyneema/polyester
Boom Aluminium alloy
Bowsprit Carbon composite
Deck stowage hatch
Gennaker bag
Mooring eyes x 3
Sheets – Main, jib, gennaker
Mainsail slab reefing
Installed data logger for cloud community

The RS21 is available in a couple of setup options, therefore please go to the official site to see the full range of options. We are also here to help too, feel free to get in touch and we can help with pricing and details, please call +852 2827 5876 or use our contact page.