Emergency Beacon Servicing

EPIRB, PLB and AIS Servicing and Battery Replacement

Kannad Marine SafeLink R10

Sky International are qualified to perform emergency beacon servicing such as programming, re-programming and battery replacement on a number of Kannad and McMurdo Emergency Location Beacons such as EPIRBs, AISs, SARTS and PLBs.

Having a properly working emergency location beacon is one of the first things to have on board. Sky International can help make sure your device is properly programmed and fitted with up to date batteries. This service is available to all customers regardless of where they purchased the original product.

Programming and Registration

Sky are able to register new and help update existing EPIRB and personal Locator Beacons (PLB) using the official equipment and software to make sure all the details are correct and the proper information is used.

Battery Replacement

Often all that is required with a unit is a new battery. Sky can replace the old batteries with new ones and apply new date stickers.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your older models Sky International also sells brand new Kannad Marine EPIRB, PLB, AIS and SART units. Please Contact Us for more information