Dagger Recreational Kayaks

Engineered to push the performance limits of recreational kayaking. These Dagger Kayaks put river running inspiration into smooth, efficient flat as well as coastal water explorers. Comfortable outfitting and reassuring stability to suit newcomers to the sport. Perfect for casual day trips around Hong Kong and also other parts of Asia’s coastline and islands.

Dagger Zydeco 11.0 - Dagger Recreational Kayaks

Dagger Zydeco

A versatile all rounder which combines comfort with excellent all round performance. Offering the edging and turning ability the Zydeco series has always been known for, on lakes, inland waterways, and slow moving rivers.

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Dagger Drifter 9.0 - Sit In Kayak

Dagger Drifter 9.0

The Dagger Drifter 9.0 sit in kayak is a great boat for either kids or adults as it is a little smaller than many other designs. Its innovative design is super stable and also easy to paddle with great manoeuvrability and tracking.

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Dagger Cayman - Sit On Top Kayak

Dagger Cayman

The Dagger Cayman has a wide beam and shallow mid-ship arch which increases the boats stability while having a speedy look and feel that you don’t often get with the usual sit-on-tops.

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Dagger Recreational Kayaks – Further information

For more information please go to the official website: www.dagger.com

Accessories are available from Palm Equipment, www.palmequipment.co.uk.