Laser Composite Top Section – Now In Stock

Carbon Fibre Upper Mast Sections

Laser Mast Composite Top Section - Carbon FibreThis class legal Composite Top Section is made from composite material and is lighter than the aluminium spar. The composite construction will substantially decrease damage to spars due to it not bending, greatly improving its durability.

The mast is a composite of different materials, but is not a 100% carbon fibre mast. It won’t adopt a permanent bend from heavy air sailing like the old spars sometimes would, and it will not be necessary to make sure the rivets on the top and bottom line up anymore. Though some people say to line them up port and starboard rather than fore and aft. The composite mast should make your setup easier and reduce the possibility of damage, while otherwise providing the same sailing experience you had with your aluminium spar.

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The ILCA have stressed that while this top section is an improvement on the aluminium versions they do not offer an advantage while racing.

The aluminium spar is also available & class legal as well.