Bainbridge International

Sailmakers Hardware, Sailcloth and Chandlery

Bainbridge InternationalWith a hundred years’ experience in producing textiles and sailmaking accessories, Bainbridge International have all your material needs covered. They can draw on an excellent technical knowledge of various markets and also apply that knowledge to the most complex and diverse situations.

Founded in 1917 as Howe and Bainbridge, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world with over 85 years experience in developing and manufacturing sailcloth. Originally the business served commercial sailing ships, supplying sailcloth for traditional sailing vessels. Over the years, Bainbridge became progressively more focussed on the needs of the leisure as well as the professional racing sailing markets. Due to a growing demand they have also diversified into many other none marine markets.

Sky International have been supplying Bainbridge International products to Hong Kong and China for a number of years and are experienced in helping customers find the right products to suit their needs.

The Bainbridge International Range Includes:

  • High quality sailcloths
  • Spinneker Cloths
  • Sailmaking Hardware
  • Hull Fittings
  • Deck Fittings
  • Safety Equipment
  • Tools and Knives
  • Sail Repair Tools and Equipment

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