Anchor Marine

Fenders and Buoys

Anchor Marine LogoAnchor Marine has been one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable fenders and buoys for over fifty years. In both hot and cold climates, you will find their large range bearing the famous “blue spot” Anchor Marine logo. The products are as popular with commercial users and fleet operators as well as pleasure boat enthusiasts.

The products have been proven over the years to stand up to harsh environments and to protect your boat. Manufactured in a wide range of colours, Anchor products are synonymous with durability and also resistance to bursting.

Anchor’s products are manufactured in the United Kingdom using a special marine vinyl. The unique elastic qualities of the special vinyl explain the long life of the products and their resistance to bursting.

Affiliated to the International Marine Holdings group of companies, which also owns Norfloat International, RWO Marine and Seaswift Products, Anchor Marine has access to a variety of products and skill sets but has specific expertise in rotational moulding. The company has undertaken a wide and varied number of custom-made orders over the years, ranging from stainless steel waterfalls to fabrications for Norfloat International’s navigational marker buoys.

Sky International have been supplying Anchor Marine fenders to Hong Kong and China for many years and are experienced in helping customers find the right products to suit their needs.

The Anchor Marine Range Includes:

  • Standard Fenders
  • Coloured Fenders
  • Bow and Stern Fenders
  • Mooring Solutions
  • Buoys
  • Customised Fenders and Covers

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